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March 31, 2011

SAM FINE: The Basics of Beauty DVD

Sam Fine: The Basics of Beauty DVD - $24.99
What is it?
Sam Fine, makeup artist to the stars has created an instructional video about the basics of makeup application.

Should you sample this?
The DVD kicks off with Sam describing the brushes you need for the best application for liquid and cream foundations, powders, eye shadows, lipsticks, brow maintenance and lashes.

He has three models in three age groups with three different skin tones. For each model he begins with brow maintenance, moisturizer, concealer, foundation and powder. While he doesn't promote any brands, he demonstrates the techniques you can use with any products.

His first model in her 20s, Simple Beauty, this the basic of the basic.

The second model in her 30s, the Trendsetter, more defined eye and bolder lip.

The third model in her 40s, Classic Beauty, more foundation coverage, contouring and detail.

This video is amazing! Its like having Sam Fine over your shoulder guiding you through each step. Although, I've been doing my own makeup for about 10 years, I learned better techniques from the video. I can't believe I've been going all these years without "security". You have to see the video to know what I mean...

If you are looking to learn beginner makeup techniques or get a refresher course, you should sample this. ~ Tamiko

You can purchase The Basics of Beauty DVD at

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