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April 27, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Salley Hansen Salon Effect $9.99
What is it?
Sally Hansen has formulated real nail polish strips that are easy to apply and require no drying time.  They last for 10 days and can be removed with nail polish remover.  The kit comes with 16 strips, a nail file, orange stick and detailed instructions. 

Why did I buy these?
Its a new product with ads in all the magazines.  I thought it would be similar to Minx.

Should you sample this?

I purchased these at Walgreens, buy one, get one 50% off.  I chose Raise a Glass, a metallic gold.  I'm right handed, so it was easy to apply on my left hand.  My right hand was a different story, it was difficult to line up the strips and they wouldn't stick at the top of my nail.  Filing off the excess was a pain on both hands.  The entire process took 45 minutes and I was not satisfied with the results, so I took it off with nail polish remover.  This made my hands sticky and I had to wash them several times during the removal process.  After an hour, I had no polish and a big mess.  For $10, I'd get a manicure at a salon with a long wearing color or buy a bottle of polish and do it myself.

If you are looking for a quick, no dry time alternative to regular manicures, you should not sample this. ~Tamiko

Salley Hansen Salon Effects can be found at pharmacys nationwide.

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