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June 15, 2011

Review: Goody Spin Pin

What is it?
Goody has introduced a hair tool to perfect your messy bun and takes the place of 20 bobby pins.  It comes with two spin pins and instructions for 3 simple styles.

Why did I purchase it?
My hair is a bit past shoulder length and I find myself tying it up during the day at work and I don't have time to mess with bobby pins. 

Should you sample this?
My hair isn't long enough to make a messy bun like the commercial but these pins hold all day. I tried using one pin, NOPE, that didn't work you have to use both for maximum hold.  Its easy to spin in and out but you have to be careful not to interlock the pins to prevent tangles.  It also helps when you spin it closest to your scalp.

If you are looking to perfect your bun without a million bobby pins,  you should sample this. ~ Tamiko

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