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July 20, 2011

Review: Sephora by O*P*I Blasted Nail Colour

What is it?
A collection of nail polishes with an effect that appears to blast apart on your nails. Each blasted nail dries differently with an unpredictable cracked design that reveals the color underneath. The result is fierce and fashionable and the combinations you can achieve are endless. It's nail art in a bottle!

Why did I buy it?
After getting O*P*I "Shattered" at Polish Bar Brooklyn, I really loved the look and wanted to do it on my own between manicures.  I was in Sephora and noticed the O*P*I "Blasted" collection of polishes (same concept, different names).

Should you sample this?
I really like the "Shattered" or "Blasted" look of bright nail polish peeking through the broken top coat.  At Polish Bar Brooklyn, I got O*P*I Silver Shatter over Zoya Yummy.  On my own I used Sephora by O*P*I Blasted Silver over O*P*I Suzi Sells Sushi By The Seashore.  I would definitely try other blasted colors (like Indigo and White). 

Tip: Apply one thin coat of the Blasted polish over 2 coats of completely dry nail color.  You can add a top coat for extra shine and protection against chipping.

If you are looking to blast your nails with a cool nail art effect, you should sample this - Tamiko

Sephora by O*P*I Blasted Nail Colour is sold exclusively at Sephora

Shattered at Polish Bar Brooklyn: O*P*I Silver Shatter over Zoya Yummy

Blasted at home: Sephora O*P*I Blasted Silver over Suzi Sells Sushi By the Seashore


  1. Anything that pairs Sephora and OPI must be fun! I prefer OPI over Zoya any day.

  2. Zoya and OPI are my favorite brands! There are new fall color reviews for both coming soon.