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August 16, 2011

Talk About It Tuesday: Hair

A lot of us are product junkies (I admit, I am one too), but there is always one product you buy over and over again for your hair.  Whether its shampoo, shine spray, conditioner or pomade, there's something your hair can't live without.

Sample this Beauty wants to know:

What's your favorite hair product? 

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  1. I have always loved Carol's Daughter's Mimosa Hair Honey. Products by Jane Carter are always reliable. But currently I am loving the hair products by Anita Grant. She is a sister from England who specializes in all types of textured hair.

  2. It used to be Aveda Sap Moss line of shampoo and conditioner until Aveda discontinued it. Sad face. Now it's got to be Nexus's Pro Mend Split End Leave in Treatment. It really has helped with my split ends and after flat ironing my hair, it always looks like I just got a haircut.