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August 15, 2011

Tamiko's Hair Journey - Reviews & Commentary - Part 1

Thanks to the economy and my schedule, I've had to reduce my trips to the salon and start washing my hair on my own.  I will continue to see a professional for relaxer touch ups and color/cut maintenance. But the basics will have to happen in my bathroom for the time being.  Full disclosure: This review was done prior to my haircut, all upcoming reviews are post haircut. 

I saw the informercial for WEN and thought "yeah right" how can this one product do so much. I spent the next two weeks researching reviews on the Internet, as well as watch videos on and YouTube.   When asking around, I found out one of my good friends purchased it from QVC, liked it and suggested I try it.  In what I took as a sign, while walking in Madison Square Park that same week, I saw Chaz Dean and he was scheduled to be on QVC as well.  I watched a presentation and purchased the 4 pc Fig Ultimate Collection which includes: 16 oz Cleansing Conditioner, 8 oz Styling Cream, 4 oz Bath, Body and Hair Oil and 2 oz Texture Balm. 

WEN is a revolutionary cleansing conditioner, created by Chaz Dean, that replaces shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner and detangler. The entire WEN collection is sold on, and there is an infomercial

WEN cleanses with astringent and antibacterial properties without lathering; it adds sheen, luster, moisture, strength and manageability to the hair. Color lasts much longer and it stimulates the scalp promoting blood circulation, stopping hair loss and promoting healthy hair growth. WEN is formulated with the perfect balance for all hair types and performs amazingly well on ethnic hair, due to its moisture content. - From 

Fig 4-piece set: L-R Cleansing Conditioner, Bath, Body and Hair Oil, Styling Creme, Texture Balm $66.12 (Featured Price, may not currently be available) on

My hair is relaxed and colored. Due to the double processing, my hair has become dry and fragile.  During the presentation on QVC, Chaz said the Fig was the most moisturizing.

First use:  7 weeks post relaxer; 3 weeks post color application

Before trying WEN I have not washed my own hair in almost 10 years as I had a standing salon appointment.  I was nervous to not only wash my own hair, but use a new product that doesn't lather one week before my next relaxer touch up.  What if it doesn't get my hair clean?  What if I can't comb through it and I have a mop head.  These are a few of the many questions that went through my head.  Since I don't own a hair dryer, my friend suggested I cleanse, let it air dry and flat iron. 

Before WEN
 After procrastinating for a few hours, I finally went through with it.  The fact that it doesn't lather wasn't as traumatic as I thought it would be.  I read the directions and modified it what I thought would work for me.  I used about 8 pumps for each section (crown, nape, left and right sides).  Cleanse, rinse, repeat.  I was able to comb through my hair while it was wet - something I was never able to do when I used to wash my own hair.  I used 3 pumps of the cleansing conditioner as a leave in conditioner and 3 pumps of the styling cream with a few drops of the oil. 

During WEN
 I let my hair air dry, which took about 3 hours, during which time Chaz Dean was on QVC (another sign...).  When my hair was about 95% dry, I added a few more pumps of the styling cream with drops of the oil before I started flat ironing (using T3 flat iron at 300 degrees).  I was still able to comb through my hair and I didn't have much hair loss (I was shocked, to say the least).  I started at the back and worked in small sections.  I'm not great at doing my own hair so it wasn't perfect but it wasn't horrible.

Left: 50% dry; Right: 95% dry
When I was done, my hair was straight but the ends were crazy, mainly because I'm due for a haircut and there's no amount of product or flat ironing will cure that.  I added a little texture balm and a few more drops of oil, wrapped my hair and went to bed.

After Flat Ironing
 The next morning my hair had smoothed out out a bit but wasn't perfect.  I went over it again with the flat iron to try to get the ends under control.  I noticed a big difference in the softness.  Usually my hair is crunchy when its time for a touch up but now it is very soft and I haven't loss any hair (to my amazement) when combing or brushing. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my journey.

Hint: the next WEN Today's Special Value on QVC will be Sept 3rd.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below. 



  1. I'm obsessed with Wen! Been using it for at least a year now, and my hair has never looked or felt healthier. The remoist mask is great too. I use that after I color. Also the tea tree oil is good for any type of breakage or scalp issues. I use it in the winter when my hair gets more fragile from the cold.

  2. Thanks Jenni! I want to try Tea Tree too - I'm waiting for that Todays Special Value on QVC Sept 3rd....its always a great deal!

  3. I did a few auto deliveries of the smaller sets and finally graduated to the gallon of pomegranate cleansing conditioner. I just refill the smaller bottle to keep in my shower. I'll never use shampoo again!