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September 7, 2011

Guest Review: Just For Me Texture Softener by Soft & Beautiful

Sample This Beauty wants to welcome guest blogger One Crazy Mamma!! She is a blogger of all things parenting.  Here is her review of Just For Me Texture Softener by Soft & Beautiful.

Just for Me Texture Softener - photo credit
What is it?
Just for Me Texture Softener is for hard to manage hair.  It mildly loosens curls and kinks that cause hair to tangle and break during combing.

Why did I buy it?
I was looking for an alternative to a relaxer for my 8 year old.

Should you sample this?
I love this Texture Softener.  My daughter has really coarse and thick hair. I like it because it doesn't thin out her hair nor straighten it. It just makes it way more manageable and easier to comb through. I also like the fact that her hair doesn't have that "permed" look to it. It just looks like her hair is natural. The milk products that they recommend they use with it are also really good. 

Just for Me products can be purchased wherever health and beauty products are sold. 

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