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October 26, 2011

Anatasia Brow Studio at Sephora Times Square

One of Sample This Beauty’s fans, Mamie, invited me to her eyebrow appointment at the Anastasia Brow Studio at Sephora Times Square.  In case you didn’t know, Anastasia is the eyebrow queen to the stars, having worked on countless celebrities shaping brows that are the envy of Tinseltown.

Anastasia Brow Studios at select Sephoras are manned by elite estheticians who've undergone extensive training with Anastasia herself and perfected the art of the Anastasia brow. They shape arches at stations accented in Anastasia's signature pink. In addition to brow shaping services, the Brow Studio is stocked with Anastasia's array of products from her cult line of brow powders, pencils, stencils, pomades, and cream—so you can take your perfect brows home with you! –

The studio is located at the back of the store and there are 4 client chairs.  Each chair reclines back so you are horizontal while getting your brows done.  Mamie’s esthetician was Saajida.  She analyzed Mamie’s brows to determine the stencil shape to use.  After applying the stencil and tracing the corners of the new brow shape, Saajida went to work!  She prepped the brow area, waxed and tweezed away.  The entire process took about 25 minutes. 

Sample This Beauty: What made you want to try Anastasia Brow Studio at Sephora?
Mamie: My nephew Martin aka Martini is a Senior makeup artist at Sephora Times Square.  He recommended it so I said “I’ll try it!”

Sample This Beauty: Prior to coming to Anastasia Brow Studio, how were you maintaining your eyebrows?
Mamie: I used to have them threaded and even did “home” work on them.  A pluck here, and an ouch there and a couple of OMGs…..

Sample This Beauty:How did you feel during the process?
Mamie: Relaxed, I went in with wolfy brows and came out with a clean slate.

Sample This Beauty: Are you happy with the results and would you recommend Anastasia Brow Studio to your friends?
Mamie: Yes, it’s a bit pricey but I liked that she told me what she was going to do prior to waxing and she did a great job. 

Here are some Before and After shots:

L- Before, M- During, R- After

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