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October 7, 2011

Review: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - $49

What is it?
This comprehensive, high-performance anti-aging serum-inspired by groundbreaking DNA research-brings your skin a dramatic reduction in the visible signs of aging.  Use it every day to help continuously repair the appearance of past damage, prevent future damage and deliver high levels of hydration.
If you want younger, healthier-looking skin now and in the future, don't go a night without it.

Why did I buy this?
My friend who is almost 50 years old has phenomenal skin and she told me she's been using this for 2 years.  I'm in my mid thirties and want to keep my skin looking great.

Should you sample this?
My friend said when you use it you wake up looking pretty.  Well, she tells the truth!  I've been using it for about a month.  The instructions say to use three droppers full at night, but I only use one dropper after I cleanse my face and before my night cream.  I can see a difference in my skin's appearance, tone, smoothness and those dang wrinkles and frown lines (the ones I'm not admitting to).  If you are looking for an anti-ageing serum for nightly use, you should sample this.

Estee Lauder products can be purchased at counters at major department stores or

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