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November 30, 2011

Review: Andrea Eye Q's Makeup Remover Pads: Ultra Quick

Andrea Eye Q's makeup remover pads - ultra quick $5.99
What is it?
Eye makeup removal pads.  There are a few different formulas, Ultra quick are for long wearing and waterproof makeup.

Why did I buy this?
Ran out of eye makeup remover.

Should you sample this?
The cap says World's Best Selling Eye Makeup Removers.  There are so many varieties, I can see why it could be the best selling.  What I liked: they are small (a little bigger than a quarter) and removes all my eye makeup.  What I didn't like:  the oily residue.  The first ingredient is mineral oil, so I should have expected that.  I would try another formula, like the oil free because these are too greasy.  If you are looking for a gentle eye makeup remover but don't want the oily residue, you should not sample this.

You can purchase Andrea Eye Q's makeup removal formulas from Rickys NYC and online, click the link on the right for a special deal. 

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