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November 2, 2011

Review: OPI for Sephora Traffic Stopper Copper Glitter Top Coat

OPI for Sephora Traffic Stopper Copper Top Coat: $9.50
What is it?
Sparkly copper glitter top coat. 

Why did I buy it?
Special effect top coats are all over and I thought it would add extra sparkle to my nude polish.

Should you sample this?
First things first, the application:  You don't brush it on like regular top coat.  Since there are large and small copper glitter pieces suspended in clear top coat you have to tap it on your nails.  It will appear goopy at first but will dry to a smooth finish.  While its still wet you can move it around and clean up any polish that escaped your nails and traveled to your fingers.  You can layer more if you want less of your polish to show through.  This time I did all my nails, next time I may only do one or two. 

Taking glitter polish off is always an issue, a simple tip is hold a cotton ball soaked in remover over your nail for 5-10 seconds, then swipe.  Repeat until all the glitter is gone. 

If you are looking for a sparkly special effect top coat, you should sample this.

This product is exclusive to Sephora, for more info, click here.

Traffic Stopper Copper over Zoya Ava

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1 comment:

  1. This looks nice! When my nails grow back, I must try this!