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November 28, 2011

Review: TokyoMilk Bon Bon Shea Butter Lotion

TokyoMilk Bon Bon Shea Butter Lotion in Let Them Eat Cake - $18

What is it?
Shea Butter hand lotion in Let Them Eat Cake.  It comes in six different flavors.

Why did I buy this?
Read a tweet from @Rickys_NYC about the TokyoMilk line that was new to the shelves and had to try it. 

Should you sample this?
This hand lotion is nice!  A little goes a long way and it lasts.  Your hands are soft and the fragrance is not overwhelming.  I think this would be a great gift because the packaging is so cute and it will last a long time.  I'm going to try (and gift) some of the other fragrances.  If you are looking to get smooth hands from a yummy smelling hand lotion that makes a great gift, you should sample this.

You can purchase TokyoMilk from Rickys NYC and online,
click the link on the right for a special deal.

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