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January 25, 2012

Review: Benefit Brow Zings

Benefit BrowZings $30

What is it?
Eyebrow shaping kit.

Why did I buy this?
My brows look better when they are filled in and this is what they use at the Benefit Brow Bar.

Should you sample this?
This kit is easy to use, once you get the hang of it.  The set comes with a lesson to help you.    I use the medium shade and it also helps when I am due for a eyebrow touch up.  You use the angled brush and the wax to set and shape your brows.  The powder and blending brush to fill in.  You can mix them for greater color impact.  It also comes with tweezers, but I only trust Tweezerman on my brows...BUT since its included in the set, it works for travel.  I think your face looks brighter and "made up" when your brows are filled in.  If you are looking for a kit to set and fill in your brows, you should sample this.

You can purchase Brow Zings at Benefit counters at department stores and

Lesson, Wax (left), Powder(right), Twezzers and brushes

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