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January 6, 2012

Review: Optimum Care Salon Collection Heat Protection Polisher

Heat Protection Polisher
Optimum Care Salon Collection Heat Protection Polisher - $6.99
What is it?
This dual purpose polisher delivers both instant breakage protection as well as protection from heat styling with strengthening Ceramide and Coconut Oil. Fights humidity and reversion by smoothing hair's cuticle for maximum smoothness and shine. -

Why did I buy this?
I was given a sample to review.

Should you sample this?
Bring on the shine!! You know I'm always looking for the next shine thing and here it is.  I've used it while flat ironing my hair and there is a significant increase in shine.  I've also used it at the hairdresser for a roller set and noticed increased softness and shine.  If you are looking for a heat protectant that will increase the shine factor in your hair, you should sample this. 

You can purchase Optimum Care Salon Collection at beauty supply stores.  For more information and to shop online, you can visit Soft Sheen Carson

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