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March 19, 2012

Review: Eye Rock Designer Liner

What is it?
Instant eyeliner tapes.

Why did I buy this?
Included in my February Birchbox.

Should you sample this?
I had such high expectations for this! Cat eyes are so hard for me to do with liquid liner and this is an easy quick solution, so I thought.  After 20 mins, 2 sets of liners and dozens of tries, this was a no go for me.  I couldn't get it close to the lash line and reapplying the sticker makes it less sticky.  When I finally thought I had it, the inner corner didn't stick anymore.  I guess its back to practicing with liquid liner again.  If you are looking for an easy solution to getting the cat eye liner look, you should not sample this.

I didn't take pictures because I looked crazy!!

Eye Rock Liner can be purchased at Birchbox.

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