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March 5, 2012

Review: skyn ICELAND Pure Cloud Cleanser

skyn ICELAND Pure Cloud Cleanser $28

What is it?
skyn ICELAND Pure Cloud Cleanser bathes your skin in moisture, with a creamy texture that removes impurities as well as stubborn eye makeup. Jojoba seed extract, aloe and shea butter provide moisture, while healing and softening your skin. Soybean oil and antioxidant vitamin E restore skin's radiance and fend off free radicals.
Why did I buy this?
It was part of my Beautyfix shipment.

Should you sample this?
This cream cleanser says is for stressed out skin.....I don't think I have stressed out skin....but I live in NYC, ride the subway daily and work in a high demand industry....maybe I have stressed out skin.  The directions say to massage into dry skin; wet the muslin cloth (included) and remove in circular motions.  My skin was very smooth and moisturized, not tight or greasy.  I didn't feel the need to put on moisturizer...but I needed the SPF.  If you are looking for a moisturizing cream cleanser for your stressed out skin, you should sample this. 

skyn ICELAND products can be purchased from and

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