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April 16, 2012

Manis, Pedis, Waxing – For Men??

We’ve all heard the term metrosexual, a man who take extra care of their outer appearance.  It was a taboo topic in the past but now it’s out front and center.  I read two articles: “Salons Nail More Men” from the NY Post and “A He-Wax for Him” from the NY Times and here are my thoughts. 

I know a few men who have no shame in having a monthly appointment for a mani/pedi.  I will admit, it still weirds me out at the nail salon to have a man next to me on the pedicure bench, I give him props for taking care of his feet – I wish more men would.  Maybe this article (and the shot of Tim Tebow below…) will reassure men that mani/pedis are a part of your grooming routine, like shaving.  I would add facials and getting rid of the unibrow to this list too. 

According to one of these articles, lots of men are taking it a step further with a term I like to use to describe this type of maintenance, Man-scaping.  I’ve been getting waxes for well over 15 years and most salons I’ve been to have had men’s services on the menu, but in small print at the bottom, near the contact information.  These days I can be spotted at UniKWax – Flatiron and they have no qualms promoting their waxing services for men, right next to the ladies, complete with photos of happily waxed men around the salon.  Now, I can’t say I’ve seen many men getting services when I’m there but they are (I asked!) and I’m sure I will be bumping into them very soon. 

I’ve seen these personal man-scaping products at Target and local drugstores, and the shelves don’t look ignored – somebody is buying them up.  I’ve asked around and there were those who admit to also using standard clippers to trim down there.

A salon in the article mentioned “pejazzling” – now wait a minute… I don’t know how I would feel if my husband showed up with a dolphin sparkling in his nether region….STOP!! Yes I know how I would feel, WTF!!  Now I’m not knocking it if that’s what you choose to do – this is America.   Personally, I’m afraid to try “vajazzling” because nothing kills the romance faster than a few missing crystals from your lightning bolt – if you have to explain it, you missed the mark.
What do you think of male mani/pedis and man-scaping?

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