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April 6, 2012

Review: CoverGirl Blast Flipstick in Stunner

Blast Flipstick Lipcolor
CoverGirl FlipStick - $9 photo credit -
What is it?
Dual sided lipstick.

Why did I buy this?
I've seen the commercials and CoverGirl was buy one get one 50% off at Walgreens.

Should you sample this?
I really like this lipstick.  Stunner is coral on one side and golden shimmer on the other.  It's a little brighter than I'm used to but it's really cute.  And it lasts, lasted through drinks, dinner, tissue wipes, makeup remover, lip scrub, teeth brushing...... woke up the next morning with a little still left.  It's very moisturizing as well. If you are looking for a long lasting moisturizing lipstick you can mix for countless combinations, you should sample this. 

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