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April 9, 2012

Trends vs.The Classics: Nails

I recently read two articles in the New York Times, "For Some, "Bruised" Cuts to the Quick" and "No Nail Biting as Polishes Bloom"; offering two different takes nail polish: trends vs. the classics.

One article talks about wild colors and textured designs flying off the shelves of drugstores, department stores and nail salons, while the other shuns the "bruised" colors of yellows and greens.

This got me to thinking...where do I fit in?  I work in an environment where corporate dress codes still reign and as a woman of a certain age, not longer in my 20s, should I be experimenting with my nails.  I used to always choose pale pink, beige and light as can be french manicures because dark polish missing in a few places the day after getting my nails done didn't work for me.  Then I discovered Zoya, my manicure lasts 7-10 days sans chips and makes it worth my time and money.  Since then I've started to select blues, grays and reds (gasp!!).  Although I keep it monochromatic for most manicures, I've tried shattered styles (loved!) and Sally Hanson Salon Effects (didn't like them but will try again). 

On the flip side, my husband prefers light conservative colors but likes the occasional out of the box color choices.  He doesn't like the shattered looks or textured prints, thinks they are too juvenile.  I've also caught colleagues giving my nails the side eye when they are boldly colored, but never any negative comments.

I plan to experiment with trendy looks more because your nails are another accessory like your jewelry or shoes.  I probably will never have cheetah prints, neon or pea soup green nails, but bright tangerine or steel gray will make an appearance between the pale pinks and beige...

What's your nail story?

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