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May 4, 2012

Review: Diamancel #10 Foot Buffer (Fine)

Diamancel #10 Foot Buffer (Fine)- $49 - photo credit -
 What is it?
Pedicure paddle dissolves dry, hardened heels with a few flicks of the wrist and also works wonders (without cutting) on those very contrary 'top of the toe' corns. -

Why did I buy it?
Needed a foot file for between pedicures.  Purchased from blissworld with my gift certificate.

Should you sample this?
I know what you are thinking, you're not going to buy a $50 foot buffer when you can buy a $5 pumice stone.  Here's why you should consider this buffer:
1 - It's reusable, you clean it after each use and it will last you at least a year (that breaks down to $4 a month). 
2 - It will save you from paying extra to have the pedicurist cut your callouses (even though they are not supposed to).
3 - It will save you the time it takes scrubbing relentlessly to smooth out your feet. 

You use this buffer on dry skin and it really takes care of rough spots all over your feet.  In the shower you can also use your pumice stone fine tune your work.  If you are looking for a powerful buffer to keep your feet looking smooth in those cute sandals, you should sample this.

Diamancel products can be purchased from Blissworld

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