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May 16, 2012

Review: Tassi Hair Towel

Tassi Hair Towel - $13.99

What is it?
Towel that keeps your hair out of your face while doing your beauty routine.

Why did I buy it?
When I'm washing my face or doing my makeup my hair always gets in the way.

Should you sample this?
I found this at Rickys NYC and it was on sale! I like this because it doesn't squish my hair, so I can use it after it's curled while putting on my make up.  If you have longer hair there is enough room to put your hair in the band or you can just cover the hairline.  If you are looking for a towel to protect your hair without ruining your hairstyle, you should sample this.

Tassi Towel can be purchased at RickysNYC and it comes in lots of colors.

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