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September 21, 2012

Commentary: Would you pay $8000 for these brows?

I recently read an article "Would you pay $8000 for these brows?" Of course I said "Hell, no!" Who would pay that much for eyebrows!  I don't understand this, I guess mainly because I am far from hair challenged and always had bushy brows.  Actually, I had to be dragged to get my eyebrows shaped for the first time.

The doctor takes hair from your scalp and implants it into your brow area.  Since the hair is accustomed to being in your scalp, it grows that way.  Patients say they have to trim the hair regularly.  They also bring pictures of celebrities so the doctor knows exactly what brows they want.  Here's the thing about wanting celebrity features, Megan Fox's brows look good on Megan Fox.  They may not look good on you but everyone seems to be thrilled with their new brows. 

Would you get eyebrow implants?

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