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September 12, 2012

Review: Save Your Do Gymwrap

What is it?
Fashionable gymwrap created by actress Nicole Ari Parker that saves your hairstyle while exercising.

Why did I buy this?
Who doesn't worry about their hair while exercising!  I don't like going to the gym, one reason is because my hair looks a mess when I'm done.  I purchased 2 gymwraps, the wide band in pink and the full triangle in black.

Should you sample this?
I wore my gymwrap to spin class to give it a true test and it passed!  I was very skeptical at first because I sweat a lot during spin (I sweat a lot just standing there).  I removed the wrap when I got home, around 30 minutes after class and my hair was dry and flat.  I know what you're thinking, of course your hair was dry 30 mins later.  The reason I waited was because it was warm outside and I was still sweating.  I wear it to my pilates class as well and my hair still remains dry (even though I sweat less in this class).  With Save Your Do, you can't use your hair as an excuse not to exercise - thank you Nicole!  If you are looking for a gymwrap to Save Your Do, you should sample this.

Save Your Do gymwraps come in three styles, narrow band ($24.95), wide band ($24.95) and full triangle ($29.95).  It also comes in 3 colors.  Save Your Do gymwraps can be purchased at

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