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October 12, 2012

Review: Hair Rules

Hair Rules (L-R) Daily Cleansing Cream, Quench Conditioner, Nourishment Leave in Conditioner.

Not shown - Kinky Curling Cream.

What is it?
Daily Cleansing Cream - $7.50-$42.00
Quench Conditioner - $7.50 - $42.00
Nourishment Leave In Conditioner - $7.50-$15.00
Kinky Curling Cream - $7.50 - $42.00

Why did I buy this?
 There was a great deal on and I had to take advantage!

Should you sample this?
As you know I love Hair Rules Blow Out the Kinks and the Hydrating Finishing Cream.   When I saw this deal on Hautelook, here was my chance to try out the entire line.  This is a great line and works well together.  The Daily Cleansing Cream is a silky cleanser and since I was used to no suds, it didn't bother me that it didn't lather up.  I didn't have any color loss either.  The Quench Conditioner was thick and coated my hair making it feel moisturized and easy to detangle.  The Nourishment Leave in Conditioner was light and moisturizing.  I didn't use the Kinky Curling Cream because I have relaxed hair.  Overall I liked the line and will continue use this in my rotation of cleansing routines. If you are looking for a natural hair cleanser and conditioning system, you should sample this.

Hair Rules products can be purchased at 

Hair Rules Blow Out the Kinks before and after

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