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March 27, 2015

Tool Kit: Detangling Brushes

Tangle Teezers,
Hair Beans, 
The Wet Brushes,
Knot Genies.....

The list goes on and on....

I was very skeptical about using detangling brushes versus my wide tooth shower comb.  Especially since the plastic bristles sound like they are ripping your hair to shreds on YouTube.  During my transitioning research (YouTube and Google searches) I learned paddle brushes with plastic bristles are best for detangling curly hair but I also found lots of bloggers used these types of brushes.  While on the line at Sephora, I saw travel sized Tangle Teezers for $20, so I decided to try it for myself.

Compact Tangle Teezer

At first I was like there is no way this little thing is going to detangle my hair.  
Boy was I WRONG! Not only did it detangle my hair (transitioning and post big chop), it did it very quickly.  I have to admit the sound scares me and I expected to see a birds nest when I was done.  I was WRONG about that too - very minimal breakage/shedding (I can't tell the difference). 

I also have a larger detangling brush from Swissco. I purchased from Hautelook.

Swissco Detangling Brush

Do you use a detangling brush?  
Do you love it or hate it?

Until next time...Make today amazing! 

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