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March 13, 2015

Tool Kit: Q-Redew - My BFF

I had been reading about the benefits of steaming your hair to retain moisture and my hair is DRY!  One of the bloggers I follow (Mo Knows Hair) featured the Q-Redew in one of her tutorials and I was able to get one with a Black Friday discount.  

This has been one of my best purchases for my natural hair!

I was finding I had to add more product to refresh my hair each day.  Between leave in conditioning sprays, pomades and water, the product build up was crazy!  With the Q-Redew, I can refresh my curls without adding product.  

As per the instructions, I only used distilled water in my Q-Redew (you can pick up a gallon for about $1 at Target and it will last, the reservoir holds about 4 oz).  You fill the reservoir and plug it in.  It takes about a minute to heat up (the red light will stop blinking).  Then I steam around my head, concentrating on the extra dry sections, like the straight side.  Around and around for 5-10 minutes, let my hair cool down, pik it out and go.  

I'm not waiting around for my hair to dry because it doesn't get dripping wet, it's not even damp - I guess moist would be the proper word to use.

I use it to help pre-poo treatments penetrate my hair and the teeth aid with detangling as well. 
I've also seen bloggers use it for protective style setting (twist outs, bantu knots).  

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Have you tried hair steaming?

Until next time...make today amazing!

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