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March 6, 2015

Wash Day: Why does it take so long!

I know I'm not the only one who has struggled with the effect my natural hair has had on my wash day.  It is truly a wash DAY! 

Back when I had relaxed hair, my wash routine was 1-2-3 simple:

Wash and condition 
Blow dry
Flat iron

Total time, 1-2 hours

Now it's 10 steps and time consuming:

1 - Pre-Poo treatment (the night before) 
2 - Wash and condition
3 - Deep conditioning
4 - Detangle
5 - Leave in conditioner
6 - Styler
7 - Gel/Holding agent
8 - Roll straight section
9 - Air dry or diffuse dry
10 - Remove rollers and style with pik

Total time: I've lost track... 
but something like 3-4 hours with diffusing, 
8-10 hours air drying

 Am I doing too much?  What is your wash routine? 

Until next time...make today amazing!

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