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April 17, 2015

Tool Kit: Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree

Everyone hates cleaning their makeup brushes - at least I do...

I found this brush tree on Beautylish and thought this would save my brushes from balancing on the window sill or off the side of my dresser.

Drying your brushes hanging in this manner will allow them to retain their shape and dry faster.  It also keeps water from the ferrule which could damage your brush and cause your bristles to shed and fall out.

These brush trees come in many sizes to accommodate any number of brushes.  The Daisy Brush Tree holds 14 brushes (more if I put more than one in the larger holes).
It also comes in white.

Small enough for your vanity, keeps your brushes off the window sill!

16 brushes drying at the same time!

Until next time...make today amazing!

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