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July 31, 2015

Unboxing: curlBOX Natural July 2015

CurlBOX Natural July 2015 featuring Eden BodyWorks and Qhemet Biologics

CurlBOX Natural is a non subscription box that is for sale periodically. 

I've tried a couple products from this line as I've seen it online used by bloggers. All of these products smell amazing and are really rich and thick. All products are full size.  

Coconut and Shea Shampoo: This is a really creamy shampoo, I received one with a Curlmart order.  It has a lot of slip and little suds. 

Coconut and Shea Leave In Conditioner: Super thick conditioner with a lot of slip to help with detangling.  

Coconut and Shea Natural Styling Elixir: Daily moisturizer, it says its a serum but it's pretty thick.  

Coconut and Shea Hair Oil: Shine oil, a little goes a long way.  

Coconut and Shea Hair Masque Treatment:  I love a deep conditioner! 

I haven't used this brand but heard its sold at Sephora.  I've also asked around and this brand has a cult following.  These are all sample sizes. 

Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee: Softens and detangles thick, dry hair.

Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee: Conditions and detangles thick, dry hair. 

Burdock Root Butter Cream: Softens and moisturizes thin, fine hair.  

Total Value of the Box (approximate): 


Actual Cost:


Until next time...make today amazing!

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