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August 28, 2015

Wash Day: WonderCurl


Products Used
($7 for 4 oz) 
($14 for 8 oz) 

Wash and Go

Overall Thoughts:
I met Scarlett (the owner of WonderCurl) at an event by the Curly Empress (Spencer) earlier this summer when I was her hair model.  I was given the products as a thank you for my participation.  

I used the Get Slick Hair Smoothie as my leave in and the Curl Control Styling Lotion as my styler.  The smoothie is thick and thoroughly moisturizes my hair.  If you follow the LOC (leave in, oil, cream) method, this is a 3 in one product as it contains coconut and castor oils in a cream product.  The styling lotion is sticky and gave me super hold.  My wash and go method is the rake and shake or shingling.  I also use gloves when I apply products, I've found this works best for me.  My hair takes hours and hours to air dry but since it's the summer, that's not a problem.  In the colder months I will use my hard hat dryer.

With WonderCurl my wash and go lasts a full 7 days with little frizz.  I spritz water in the morning to refresh, shake and go.  My hair feels a little on the crunchy side but doesn't look like it - maybe I used too much, I am heavy handed with product.  

Lastly, my hair even lasted throughout my SoulCycle class 
(with my Save Your Do Gymwrap of course!). 

I would use these products in the summer when I want more hold to battle humidity.  

WonderCurl Get Slick Hair Smoothie and Curl Control Styling Lotion: If you are looking for moisture/hold and several days of frizz free hair, 
you should sample this!

Until next time...make today amazing!!!

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