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May 2, 2016

Unboxing: fabfitfun: Spring 2016

Clockwise from left:

Herb Garden by MakersKit - This kit gives you the tools to grow mint, thyme and basil.... um this may be a gift... I'm not real handy with planting...but they have other DIY projects on the site.

Keratin Gloves and Socks - At home mani-pedi treatment.  It's getting warmer so it's time to break out the sandals - like the ones I just bought from Zara...

Yoga Mat Strap by Merrithew - This is double duty as a yoga mat carrying strap and strength training resistance cord.  It's getting warmer so it's time to break out those toned arms and legs...

Shaving Emulation Lotion by HelloLegs - Body Lotion plus "Blade Butter" equal smooth legs.  I'm a waxer so it's not likely I will use this...

Argan & Hemp Oil Therapy by Marrakesh - Shine Spray!! It's getting warmer so it's time to break out the frizz free glossy shiny hair...

Bath Bomb by Jus D'Amour - Bath bombs in eucalyptus, peppermint and lime.  

Contour Kit by ISH - Debut product from the first make up line created by Joes Maalouf and FabFitFun; contains a highlighter, blush, bronzer and contour.  It's getting warmer so it's time to enhance your glow.

Tag Necklace by Jook & Nona - Everyone needs a little inspiration...with this 18k gold plated stainless steel engraved necklace inspiration is always with you.

$25 gift card by 31 bits - 31 Bits jewelry is handmade by artisans in Uganda, allowing them to rise above poverty and create a better life for themselves.

$30 gift card by Sterling Forever - easy to wear pieces inspired by fashion runway trends, celebrity favorites and coveted, high end jewelry designers.

Total Value of Box (approximate):

Actual Cost: 

Click here to get more information the the FabFitFun subscription.

Until next time...make today amazing! 

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